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Purple Ducks

29 October
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I'm a writer. I am not too fond of blogging and spending tons of time on social networking sites but I have discovered it's a good way to make friends, especially here on Live Journal. However, I am a little wary of Myspace and Facebook. It seems like everytime I log onto Facebook I see that so and so and so and so are now "friends." I've got some friends listed on my Facebook page. One of them added me as a friend and has never responded to a personal email I sent him. Another one of my "friends" won't return my phone calls. Honestly, are you like me and think these sites have cheapened the definition of friend. Even if that is true, I do like Facebook over Myspace, and log in quite often. I have found that Live Journal is a bit different because real friends are made here. We'll see if I can have such an experience on LJ.

Here are some things I like, others I love and two people I cherish...

I like...playing football with Albanian-Americans on Thanksgiving. No, I'm not Albanian, but I am an American.

I like...putting the finishing touches on a new book.

I like...rewriting an old one.

I like...cats, wombats, and viewing a website counter filled with "recent visitor" stats.

and I love...God, meeting new people, reading good books, following my favorite sports teams: the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Steelers, DePaul Blue Demons, and the Trinity Trojans.

and I cherish my bride and my son.

Brian Humek
Persistent Picture Book Writer